Friday, June 19, 2015

This Week Is for Mother--Day Five: Bernice Evangeline Grenfell (1902 - 1980)

As I promised in my last post, here are some photos* of the things Bernice did in the years between 1922 and 1929.**

During a camping trip to the Lagunas while Junior was still a toddler, Bernice tried her hand at making pine needle baskets, which she got quite good at.

Sometime around 1925 everyone went to Mission Beach! (I've no idea who the woman on the right is.)

In June of 1926, Bernice posed with Junior who was wearing his first pair of long pants.

Rabbits! Did I mention rabbits? Well, along with their garden Bernice also kept chickens, ducks and rabbits.

In November of 1927 the family went fishing in a rowboat and caught something. On the home front the new living room was added on.

After Harold's best friend Herb bought a boat, he decided to follow suit in 1928. Like their home, improvements were made to their craft through the years.

The house project for 1928 was a new garage.

The wood that Harold is cutting up is for the beautiful cobblestone fireplace in the new living room (in the background). The garage was added to the south side of the house to access Brooklyn Avenue.

During this time, the Curreys also went camping, not only in Mexico (more than once), but also to Laguna Mountains, Idyllwild, and Warner's Hot Springs, most of the time with the rest of the Currey tribe.

To this point they hadn't discovered the desert and when some friends took them to Anza-Borrego for the first time, they didn't see the appeal. If one wanted sand, the beach was obviously the place to go.

Here's Bernice looking happy in 1928. And she's more stylish than usual here too.

So today we've seen how the Bernice and her family flourished in the 1920s. Tomorrow we'll take on the 1930s, the Great Depression years. Because Harold had a job the entire time (although not in his trade) they did much better than the average American family.

(To be continued)

*All photos are from my personal collection.
**I've decided that there's too much to put in one post--the barn, cow and bungalow court will have to wait until tomorrow.

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