Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Is for Mothers: Blanch Mrs Hull (About 1625 - After 1670)

We know very little about this maternal tenth great grandmother except that her given name was Blanch(e). She and her first husband, Tristram Hull, lived in Barnstable on Cape Cod where they had five children* and after his death in 1666 she remarried an older man, which didn''t work out well.
[Genealogical notes of Barnstable families by Amos Otis, 1801-1875; rev. by Charles Francis Swift.
Published 1888, page 28. Source: Internet Archive, Original: Cornell University Library.**]

*Their daughter Mary married Joseph Holley/Holway and their granddaughter Hopestill Holway married Samuel Worden.
**Note that Tristram Hull died in 1666 and Blanch married Capt. Hedge after his death, not in 1655 as this source declares.
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  1. I'd love to know what was so terrible about her. Maybe she had the nerve to enjoy life? Nah...... Surely we must be related somehow through these people, as mine were in Barnstable also and I think I have one or more Capt. John Gorhams in my line, he is mentioned in the footnote but no reason for his name is mentioned.

    1. One of the ways we're related is through Blanch's father-in-law Joseph Hull. Blanch got into trouble by allegedly harassing a neighbor woman to the point where she couldn't do her work. She also was accused of sexual misconduct several times. Then, of course, she ran away from her second husband's house.