Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas 1953 with the Curreys

For a change, in 1953 the decision was made to spend our Christmas vacation in the high desert instead of Agua Caliente so that's how we ended up at Cottonwood Spring in Joshua Tree National Park in late December.

I was six that Christmas and have only vague memories of our stay there. From my attire in the photo below it must have been warm at least one day, but what I chiefly remember (besides all the really cool rock formations) was the cutting wind that started to blow. The days were bright but cold and our coats were inadequate.

So, after a day or two spent huddling in the trailer to keep warm, we left Joshua Tree and returned to our usual holiday destination at Agua Caliente.

[All photos from my personal collection]

Unfortunately the only photo I have of our Christmas tree isn't in focus, but you get the idea. (I still have one of the glass ornaments that was on that tree.)

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