Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Is for Mothers: Letta Estella Porter (1901 - 1974)

I have three pictures of my paternal grandmother, all courtesy of a descendant of her youngest son James Edward Turnbull.

The oldest one, probably taken in Gulfport, Mississippi, in about 1909, shows Letta Estella in the middle surrounded by her mother and siblings. Her brother Herbert's holding a cute dog but no one is looking very happy.

[Orville Porter - upper left, Chester Porter - lower left, Herbert Porter - upper center, Estella Porter - lower center, Caroline Celestine Porter - upper right, and Violet Porter - lower right. Mother Caroline "Carrie" Celestine Avery has Violet on her lap.
Courtesy of J.E. Turnbull, III.]

In the next picture Letta Estella and her third husband James Edward Turnbull look like they're really enjoying themselves. I've included the back of the photo which someone has dated August 18, 1929, in Dallas, Texas.

[Courtesy of James E. Turnbull III]

[Courtesy of James E. Turnbull III]

The final image of my grandmother is a formal portrait which looks like it might have been taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

[Courtesy of James E. Turnbull III]

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