Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Getting a Handle on "Old Fulton NY Post Cards"

"Old Fulton NY Post Cards" is so awesome, but it uses frames??  And I'm not sure what to make of the Joker...

"Old Fulton NY Post Cards," run by Tom Tryniski, is a great site for free access to New York state newspapers**, but it can be a little jarring when you first try to use it.  Fortunately, quite a few people have posted information and tips:

I like to browse sites to get an overview of what is available.  You can browse the newspapers here and browse "Main Album" here (the main album includes, among other things, Oswego County Probate Records, O'Hearn's Histories Auburn NY, various class photos, and an aerial view and stereographic photos of Fulton NY).

**Miriam J. Robbins of Online Historical Newspapers blog keeps on ongoing list of newspapers available online from a number of different providers, including Old Fulton NY Postcards, NYS Historic Newspapers, and Library of Congress (among others).  Here is her New York newspapers page.

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