Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Drive: 1946 Cadillac

Here's a closer look at one of vehicles that I featured in my first Sunday Drive post, a 1946 Cadillac (which Dad bought as a used car). We actually took Sunday drives in it.

[From my personal collection]

Here's an original ad for the model.

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  1. Gorgeous. As i recall this era Caddies had very comfy wool cloth seats and sometimes a jump seat in the rear. Of course those armrests that folded up into the back seat. Was it 4 or 2 doors? Standard trans or 3 speed? In the early 70s my boss stored a 41 at my house, which would have been the same as the 46, and i got to drive it a couple of times, it was a real boat and as i recall was 3 speed.