Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Is for Mothers: Joslin (Worden)

The reason I've posted this portrait of Emma Rosetta "Rosa" Joslin (1871-1943) today is to draw your attention to the hand that's holding the child's head--most likely it belongs to her mother, my third great aunt, Polly Ann Worden (1841-1931).*

[Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

*You can see pictures of Polly and her family in previous posts here.

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  1. Looking at this photo, I thought it might be earlier than the mid-1870s and maybe from the 1860s. This looks like a slightly colorized tintype and I have a photo with a similar kind of embossing around the picture.I am curious to know if this photo was labeled by the family?

    1. This photo was part of a massive scanning session Christine and I participated in at my aunt's house four years ago, assisted by my cousin Sue and her husband Bob. We had quite an assembly line going--Sue numbered each item and described it to Christine who wrote down the available information, and Bob and I kept the scanners going. The note for this image is "Rosa Joslyn Cousin of Nora Webb" and it was in my great grandmother Elnora Worden Webb's photo album. Uhfortunately we only scanned the back of a few photographs so I can't tell you the exact source of the note. If it's any help, I know they were living in Fairview, Jones County, Iowa, at the time.