Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Working on Wednesday: Navajo Land, 1953

On our way to South Dakota in 1951 Mother and Dad became acquainted with a Navajo couple who passed by our camp near Shiprock one evening and kept in contact with them. Two years later on our next trip east we met up with them at Window Rock where the husband had gotten a job.*

One day during our visit, we all piled in the truck (men and little children in the cab, women sitting in the back of the truck) and headed way off the main road and deep into the Reservation to visit some of our friends' relatives.

This is the husband's sister who was working at her loom when we arrived and allowed Dad to take her picture.

[From my personal collection]

*I've posted a picture taken at Window Rock that included this couple and their little daughter. (I have chosen not to share their names here.)

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