Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Working on Wednesday: Strait

He's not in the photo (because he's undoubtedly the one behind the camera), but Dad Currey obviously asked his brother-in-law Roy Strait (1920-2009)* to give him a hand with a load of lumber some time in 1952. I wonder if the boards were being bought or sold?

[From my personal collection]

Although no location in mentioned in the notes I think this was probably taken at Whiting-Mead, the only lumber yard I can ever remember going to with him.

[San Diego Union Classifieds, 23 Jun 1952]

Note the shovel on the side of the truck's bed. An axe was similarly attached to the opposite side. Both were therefore readily at hand in case of need. I recall one time when someone's campfire got a bit out of hand and Dad was right there with his shovel to put out the small blaze.

*Second husband of his youngest sister Marguerite.

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