Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hibbs Trajectory I had Not Considered

The yellow arrows show where I know Mahlon Hibbs lived (Anderson County, Tennessee and Putnam County, Indiana), and the heat map points (red with green halo) are where I find Hibbs in DNA matches to Dad and records.  I also find some DNA matches that hint at Hibbs who lived in Kentucky.

Loudoun County (indicated on the above map by the marker right near Washington, DC) is where I suspect Mahlon Hibbs was born about 1747  (I think he ultimately descends from the Quaker Bucks County/Philadelphia Hibbs).

I had thought that he had gone down the Shenandoah River Valley area to Knoxville and Anderson County, Tennessee (sometime in the 1780s/1790s), but I had forgotten that Virginia had also meant West Virginia (until the Civil War).

My dad has numerous DNA matches to Hibbs in Ohio, and many of the Ohio Hibbs went on the Jasper County/Polk County, Iowa, where a quite a few lines of Mahlon Hibbs descendants also ended up (including a grandson James Milo Nosler).

I think Mahlon was possibly up in the western Pennsylvania/eastern Ohio at some point.  I find it quite interesting that many of his children named one of their daughters Sciota/Syotha/Sciotha, which I can only surmise is in honor of the Scioto River in Ohio??  Why else would people in Tennessee name girls after an Ohio river?

I think I need to reevaluate where I'm researching my Hibbs, and focus more on western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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  1. I'm also related to Mahlon Hibbs. He is also my 4th Great-Grand Father. I'm told we are all descendants of William Hibbs III who came from England in the 1600's. He settled in Pennsylvania. I feel your frustration trying to connect the dots!

  2. Mahlon's wife Nancy is buried in Deer Creek Cemetery in Putnam County Indiana as are some of his children. I would think he would have been buried in the same area. Nancy's grave marker is on Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Joe! I am glad you have heard the same thing (that our Hibbs are descended from that William Hibbs). It seems to work with names, DNA matches, and such. I suspect Mahlon is buried near Nancy as well, maybe the headstone is missing/destroyed?