Thursday, September 1, 2016

Minnie Nosler Enjoyed Watching Professional Wrestling

Minnie's obituary, and they didn't even mention that she was a professional wrestling fan? San Diego Union (San Diego, CA), Saturday, 11 January 1969, page 34 (GenealogyBank).

I didn't know much about him until I looked it up, but I did recognize the name Gorgeous George.  I assume my great grandmother found this stuff hilarious.  I don't think that she attended the events but watched on TV as it was very popular, but who knows?

According to my father, his grandmother Minnie Nosler (Hartley) (Fuhrman) (1883-1969), daughter of Civil War veteran William Henry Nosler and Esther Loretta Rittgers, really enjoyed professional wrestling.

I don't know who she liked best, but fortunately fans on Youtube have put up quite a few videos of the time, including interviews, to get an idea of the types of antics these guys were up to:

Vintage L.A. Wrestling: Dick Lane, Gorgeous George, and Freddy Blassie.  This is pretty entertaining stuff.  I especially enjoyed the David Letterman, Andy Kaufman, and Freddie Blassie segment at the end (which was way past Minnie's time), So ridiculous LOL

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  1. In the mid-fifties i was a huge wrestling fan, I was around 10. Sandor Szabo was my favorite. Dick Lane also announced my other favorite TV, Roller Derby. Boy did i love those two fake sports!