Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quick Tip: How I Keep Up in Genealogy News, Trends, and Sources

I just discovered that the Library of Congress has a slew of blogs.  Here is one just on maps.  How can I keep up with all this stuff??  It's like a never ending candy store.

There is always something new in the genealogy world, and I personally do not have the time to keep up.  Thankfully there are many others who do this already so I don't have to!

Here are the few blogs that I normally check out to see what's new and interesting:

Genea-Musings by Randy Seaver -- Best of the Genea-Blogs

Empty Branches on the Family Tree by Linda Stufflebean -- Recommended Reads

Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog -- Fab Finds

BTW There is much more to each blog than the "best of" links I give.  I find they give me all kinds of ideas on methodology and even just how to present and think about genealogical problems.

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