Friday, September 2, 2016

Windows 10 Upgrade Blues

Any day that begins with this Google search can't be going well:

[Google search results for "Windows 10 upgrade gone wrong"]

And although there were several suggested solutions for my specific issue, I decided not to stray out of my comfort zone and put my big box computer into more knowledgeable hands than mine.

So after a different internet search, I dropped my computer off at San Diego Computer Help and trust Zack* and his crew to have it all better soon.

Of course it's Friday (and the beginning of a long weekend) but since I have my netbook, iPad and iPhone I'm not completely internet-less. However I may be asking Christine to fill in for me here on Sunday and/or Monday.

*Zack has a lot of ardent fans on Yelp!

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  1. Well, my macbook has decided it can't see wifi. Ok if plugged into the box. Ran all diagnostics which tell me its all fine! I think it must be the wifi antenna but i need to takr it in. But at least it isn't a windows 10 upgrade which i understand has a bad rep...

  2. Do you have a Microsoft store near you? There is a little kiosk here in Pittsburgh. I packed up my computer twice and took it there, they will fix (for free) problems related to Windows 10 updates.

  3. I was unfairly blaming Windows 10 as it turns out that a dying hard drive was the problem but I'll have my computer back soon.