Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fantastic Find:

The Library of Congress just announced (as of yesterday):
"Today we celebrate the official release of, a global platform where anyone in the world can record and upload an oral history interview. This effort is a wish come true for StoryCorps founder Dave Isay, the 2015 recipient of the TED Prize. The prize comes with $1 million to invest in a powerful idea. Dave’s was to create an app, with a companion website at, that guides users through the StoryCorps interview experience from recording to sharing the story online. Hear him talk about his vision in Vancouver last week. The website will serve as a home for these recordings, and also provide interviewing and editing tools.
All stories shared to during the first year after launch will be archived at the American Folklife Center (AFC) at the Library of Congress."
We all have stories. And StoryCorps makes it so easy. First step: "Choose someone to interview."

[Setting Up Video and Audio Equipment For Interview
Paradise Valley Folklife Project collection, 1978-1982 (AFC 1991/021), American Folklife Center, Library of Congress]

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  1. This is great, have you forwarded the info to, for instance, David Swarens? or SOHO? They may well not have heard of it. Also glad to see Christine is working on her resume, and hope she is able to secure a good position holding frogs.