Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Shelf: British family names; their origin and meaning, with lists of Scandinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman names

This nice book by Henry Barber (published in London in 1894), uploaded to the Internet Archive by an archivist associated with Cornell University, would be helpful for anyone looking for clues as to their British last name.

I figured I'd try to determine the origin of Tibbetts.

pp. 208-209
TEBBUT.  A.S. Tedbert; Fr. Thibaut; p.n.
TIBBETTS, TIBBITTS.  Dch. Dibbetts; a p.n.  See Tebbut
TIBBITT. Fl Tybaert; a p.n.

Other variants include:
Tebb, Tebbs, Tebbatts, Tebbitt, Tibb, Tibbs, Tibby

Hahahaha, Tedbert.

It seems May Jarvis had tried to figure out the origin of Tibbetts as well, consulting Mr. Barber along with other sources:

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