Friday, July 31, 2015

Family Friday: Darling/Walsh

In Texas on September 6, 1864, my maternal great great grandmother Mercy Ann Darling Webb, a 29-year-old widow with a 4-year-old son,* married Joshua Walsh (1810-1888), a South Carolina native and veteran of the Mexican War. Before the end of 1868 the couple had re-located to Fairview in Jones County, Iowa, to be near her family and added a son and daughter to their household which eventually included two more children, the youngest of which was Catherine Mae Walsh (1874-1966) known as Kitty.

[Mercy Ann Darling Webb Walsh, photo courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

[Joshua Butler Walsh, photo courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

[Catherine Mae Walsh, photo courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

After residing in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Idaho,** by 1930 Kitty was living in Southern California, first in Los Angeles and then Long Beach. By 1944 she had moved to San Diego County where she died in 1966.

[Date: Sunday, March 6, 1966   Paper: San Diego Union (San Diego, California)   Page: 16  
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Today we met up with Kitty Walsh Brown's granddaughter Catherine Brandenburg (born in 1921) together with three generations of her descendants, first for brunch and then later at Mount Hope Cemetery where Kitty is buried.

*My great grandfather Jesse David Webb (1860-1935), the only child of Abner Webb (1834-1861?) whose death had stranded his family in Texas during the Civil War.
**That we know of, there is a gap of 30 years we haven't account for yet.

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  1. Wow! You met up with relatives, that is so great. I hope you harvested more information and even perhaps some photos. Tell us, tell us.