Tuesday, July 7, 2015

School Days: Slater

Pupils at the Severy Grammar School in the beginning years of the 20th century included my maternal grandfather Harry Slater (1888-1956), his sister Opal (1890-1973) and brother Pete (1886-1957).* Their first cousin once removed, Denver Tomlinson (1889-1968), was a fellow student and his father, their grand uncle A.R. Tomlinson** (1847-1923) was an officer of the school.

[Courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

If you want to check up to see if I've gotten the relationship right, look here for a handy chart.

*And therefore my grand aunt and uncle.
**Albert Ross Tomlinson was their mother's father's brother.

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  1. OMG! Those names, Minnie, Opal, Ollie, Lyle, Elmer, Lloyd and Floyd, Willie and Denver! Where are Tyler, Taylor, Ashley, Nicole and Amber?