Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Drive: Currey

Roughly ten years later than my post showing the Currey vehicles parked on the driveway at our Encanto home, here's the lineup in front of the Ocotillo house in 1961, minus Mother's silver 1960 Ford Falcon that almost never made it to the desert and the Farmall Cub.
[Dad always had a hard time getting the exposure right to allow for the bright desert sun. From my personal collection.]
[From my personal collection]

I don't remember where Dad got this tractor with its skip loader and box blade but I'm certain he got a deal on it. I almost never drove it: not only was it a bit too much for me to handle--although it had power steering I had to literally stand up on the clutch to shift gears--but Dad absolutely adored using this piece of machinery.

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