Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Shelf: Plat Book of San Diego County, California

Title page of William E Alexander's plat book on San Diego county, published about 1912 by the Pacific Plat Book Co. in Los Angeles, available through the online Maps division of the Library of Congress.

This Plat Book of San Diego County, California (1912) is a great snapshot of the county for anyone with ancestors in the area then.

Using my 1st cousin 3x removed Frank Paul Hartley as an example, I will try to locate where he or his closest relatives (his mother Hannah L (Mount) Hartley and Wilmer Hartley) were.

Hannah and Wilmer were in the General Land Office Records of the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Using BLM records to determine what Township and Range owners were in, I cross-referenced this in the index of the plat book:

Note that this means page 138 in the book, not page 138 as designated by the LOC

The names on the land are for "W. Hartley" and "F. P. Hartley," undoubtably Wilmer and Frank Paul Hartley.  I don't know where Hannah would be (she died only about 3 years after this plat book was published).

There they are in the lower left hand.  Note that there are Salazars nearby, I wonder if they are the same ones the Curreys knew?

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  1. Also a great resource for researchers of historic properties!