Friday, August 14, 2015

Family Friday: Slater/Tomlinson

Fortunately someone labeled the people in this photograph, who are (left to right) my grand uncle Pete Slater, Edith and Orvel "Orv" Manker,* my grandfather Harry Slater, my mother Alta Mae Slater, and first cousin, twice removed, John "Jack" Ashley Tomlinson and his father, my great grand uncle Arthur David "Art" Tomlinson.** 

I don't know anything about the dog but it's very cute.

[Courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

If you look closely, there's another child seated on the boulder between Edith and Harry (and mostly hidden by Orv) who didn't get identified. The Mankers never had any children and Harry is holding his hand so I'm wondering if he's my uncle James Robert "Jim" Slater who was born in 1919, two years after my mother, which would make the date of this photo about 1921.

*The Mankers also lived in Niwot and in the 1920 U.S. Census Orv's occupation was listed as "Laborer" in the Cement business which would have been his connection to the Slater Brothers.
**Harry's mother Rufina Ellen Tomlinson's half-brother.

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