Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Drive: Currey

And here they are--Harold and Bernice (Grenfell) Currey standing proudly next to their 1939 La Salle.*

[Both photos from my personal collection]

Unfortunately there's no caption to these photos which were pasted into the album side by side. (In the second photo you can just make out the couple in the chrome of the hubcap. It looks as if there's at least one other person with them but who?**)

*For the reasons why I think that's what the car is, look here.
**Probably Junior.

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  1. My grandfather had a LaSalle, about the same vintage, in 1944 when we came from Indiana to California for Christmas. Unfortunately he rolled it in the desert due to a flat front tire. We all survived! Its the hubcaps, with that big S.