Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jasper R Nosler: Working on the Railroad

P&SR railway line crew in February, 1937 at work on the tracks. The six workers are L-R: Jess Behere, Jim Phillips, Joe Miller, Jasper Nosler, Everett Doughty and Ron Garloff.  

I was fooling around with search terms in National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) and found my 3rd cousin 1x removed Jasper R Nosler (1911-2003) posing with fellow Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway crew members.  You never know what you will find in these collections.

The cataloging metadata had some cool features, including geocoding for the location (in this case for Joe Rodota Trail, where they apparently were).

I guess they figured the group shot was over.  L-R background Joe Miller, Jess Behere, foreground in overalls- E. Yeager, Ron Garloff, Jim Phillips and Jasper Nosler behind pole.

Pictured L-R: Joe Miller, Ron Garloff, Jasper Nosler, Jim Phillips and E. Yeager.  

Not much has changed in that stretch of railway, as this Google Earth snapshot shows:
Now called the Joe Rodota Trail in Sebastopol, California, it is a bike path.

Sebastopol California Social Media Community Videos made a short video about the trail/path:

I always have to compare where these places are relative to me:

Sebastopol location, from Google Earth Pro.

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