Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fantastic Find: Mapping Norway's Parishes

Fister Parish, screenshot from Norway's Parishes.
If you are trying to figure out where in the heck those Norwegian ancestors lived in Norway, try Norway Parishes, put together by Kristian Ekenes.  Not only can you find the outlines of modern parishes, there are also links to the right connecting to FamilySearch and various Norwegian digital records/archives.  In addition to Parish searches you can do a Property/Farm Search, and there are even more links to look at in the Map Resources link at the upper right.

My grandmother Margaret Fister's parents were Berdines Rasmussen and Mette Karine, but they took on the last name Fister when they came to the United States, I'm assuming in honor to the parish where Berdines was from in Norway.  I plan to use this fantastic resource to map out the various locations where my ancestors were known to live in.

Hat tip to the Slekt og slikt! ("Family and Such!") blog for the review.

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