Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Is for Mother's Wedding: Alta Mae Slater (1917 - 1984) + Holmes Smith "Pete" Norville (1925 - 1989)

This Thursday, August 6th, marks the 67th anniversary of my birth mother's marriage to Holmes Smith Norville (better known as Pete) which was celebrated in her hometown of Niwot, Colorado.

[Courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

From left to right (skipping the monkey boy squatting on the ground in front) are the groom's mother Marguerite Irish Norville (1897-1989), the bride's parents Harry Allen Slater and Anna Delilah Webb, Pete and Alta, the bride's brother James Robert Slater (1919-1984) presumably the best man and an unidentified woman, probably the maid (or matron) or honor.

["Jim at Alta's Wedding" courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

My notes tell me that there were more photos taken of Alta's wedding including her wedding portrait. Unfortunately at this crucial point in our mammoth scanning session* at my aunt's house in 2011, a winter storm knocked out the power and we weren't able to complete our task. And although we've talked about going back to finish scanning the remaining photos it hasn't happened yet.

*Two days, two scanners and a crew that included my aunt Olive (Jim's widow who not only saved so much of Slater history but also is a great source of oral history), my cousin Sue, her husband Bob, and my daughter and me.

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