Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hat Tip: Genealogy's Star Reminds You To Use the National Union Catalog and OCLC WorldCat

I was reminded once again of the importance of using the Library of Congress's National Union Catalog (NUC) and National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) for genealogy research, this time by James Tanner at Genealogy's Star.

Whether researching genealogy, or any other discipline, Tanner observes that most library patrons (in Utah, probably the greatest genealogical record hotbed in the world, no less!) tend to use electronic records almost exclusively, and "ignore the vast resources in the books surrounding them."  Sadly, I'm guilty of this myself.

He makes a great point:
One symptom of this lack of awareness of genealogical resources is the surprise I get from those who attend my classes when I mention the OCLC WorldCat.org online catalog. The WorldCat.org is the world's largest library catalog. This lack of awareness of the WorldCat.org catalog is strange since the FamilySearch.org Catalog now links almost every entry to the WorldCat.org catalog.
If you want to up your genealogy research game, I suggest you check out his post.

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