Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Drive: 1961 SIMCA

I love the internet! I never know what I'll find while I'm looking for something else. In this case, it's a SIMCA* ad in the San Diego Union, dated July 22, 1961. 

[Date: Saturday, July 22, 1961   Paper: San Diego Union (San Diego, California)   Page: 14  
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I never knew anyone who actually bought a SIMCA nor have I ever ridden in one.** At the time of this ad, the Currey family had just acquired a Toyota Land Cruiser.

*SIMCA stands for Société industrielle de Méchanique et Carrosserie Automobile (Mechanical and Automotive Body Manufacturing Company) which was founded in France by Italian car maker FIAT in 1934. Real about SIMCA history here.
**Check out the Simcaworld site (in French) here.

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