Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Hartley Boys

My grandfather, George Hartley (1907-1977), is the short blond kid in the middle.  His older half-brother, James "Jim"Denby Hartley (1903-1988), towers over the other boys.  George is flanked by cousins John Monroe Hartley (1909-1967) (at left) and Eugene "Gene" Julian Hartley (1905-1948) (right).  Picture was taken possibly about 1918, based on it looking earlier than the photo below.  Not sure where it was taken, although likely in San Diego.  From my personal collection.

On the days when I wonder why I'm so short, I remember all of my direct ancestors who were fairly short, including my grandfather George Hartley, Jr.  Although only 4 years apart, his older brother James Denby Hartley was consistently much taller than George. I'm assuming Jim's mother, Jane Denby (1879-1903) was either a tall woman or had strong tall genes (I wish I could find a picture of her), while George's mother Minnie Nosler was quite short.

"Burbank 1919". I think this was a visit to George's uncle James Paul Hartley (1894-1969), at far left, who was in the ordnance department in the military.  Jim Denby Hartley at 16 was already taller than his uncle Paul.  Shorties Mary Jane (Tibbetts) Hartley, in the car, Minnie (Nosler) Hartley, middle, and my grandfather George and his sister Mary Esther are in front.

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