Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Dad's Y-DNA Results Came Back: Haplogroup R-M269

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see my father's Y-DNA results had come in (it was predicted to come in late April/May).

So, assuming that Dad is the directly descendant of Solomon Joseph Hartley, then this is Solomon's haplogroup.  Since his origins are obscure at best, any info is good info.

Maybe I'll get his mtDNA done at some point.

According to the Family Tree DNA website:

Predicted haplogroup, I should say.  It appears I can order another test to refine further (sheesh, it's only money, people!).

I had anticipated that Dad would be either R or I haplogroup, based on his GEDmatch and FTDNA Family Finder matches who had filled in that information.

FTDNA's Y-DNA - SNP Map for haplogroup R-M269

So, now the matches so far.

He had no exact matches (at 37 markers).  Darn.

He had three matches at 25 markers (genetic distance 2):
English-type names.  Interesting.

He had 24 matches at 12 markers (genetic distance 0 - 1):
No real pattern, except that they are European.  I've blanked out the names of the testers.  Some of these seem to be from men who don't know the last name of their paternal line (or they aren't sharing).

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