Thursday, April 14, 2016

William Slater (1791-1847): A Few More Pieces of Information

In the past week I have found a few more items about my 4th great grandfather, William Slater (William T. Slater (About 1790? - 1847), Deserter, Farmer, Justice of the Peace).

Modern map showing where William Slater naturalized abt 1818 and had a lawsuit against him in April 1820 (in Jefferson County), and his marriage to Emily Jane Wilson on 30 July 1820 (in Crawford County).

A long time ago I found a message thread about one of William's sons that had William from Yorkshire, and I had also found an index reference to a William Slater applying for naturalization in Jefferson County, Indiana, but didn't have any further detail until the other day:

There he is.  From  "List of aliens who applied for citizenship in Jefferson County, Indiana : list of indentures of apprentices in Jefferson County" on FamilySearch.
Okay, it says York County, England, so I feel much more confident about about him being from Yorkshire now.

The index entry I had found before indicated that he naturalized in 1818, so at this point I'm theorizing that William Slater was 27 years old in October 1818 (the earliest date noted at top).

BUT, if he naturalized in 1821 then that would bump up his birthdate to about 1794.

And it could be any time in between those dates.  Based on the page number, it is probably closer to 1818 than 1821.

Notice that William's entry was on p. 135, and that there is a man named John Roberts (from Chester(?)County, Ireland, aged 22) a few lines up.

Is this the same John Roberts that is included in this lawsuit in Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1820, brought by Wm B. Benefiel against John Roberts and Wm. Slater?

From the Indiana Republican (Madison, Jefferson, Indiana) 13 April 1820.
This all leads to more questions, and more records (hopefully!).

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