Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DNA.LAND Updates Its Ethnicity Estimates

DNA.LAND has updated their ethnicity estimates (they call them "Ancestry Reports").

I submitted my parents' DNA back in October, when DNA.LAND's estimates were minimal at best*.

The following are the new estimates:

New "ancestry report" for Mom. This seems to be in line generally with what I've seen for her estimates everywhere else.

This is a big improvement from their first estimates, for sure.

New "ancestry report" for Dad.  There is that Ashkenazi again.  I have yet to figure out why both DNA.LAND and FTDNA estimate this for my dad, but Ancestry and the various GEDmatch tests don't.  After getting help from another user with expertise on Jewish ancestry on GEDmatch who analyzed Dad's estimates, it didn't appear that Dad had any consistent recent genetic ties to known Ashkenazi Jews, but I am assuming it is reflecting an older ancestor (maybe 1500 or before?).

*Previous posts about using various ethnicity estimators:

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