Friday, April 8, 2016

Family Friday: A Missing Photograph?

When Aunt Olive shared her collection of Slater family photos with us several years ago there were two people whose portraits should have been there--great great grandfather Willet Orlando "Dick" Worden and his wife Delilah Grove--because their daughter Elnora's album included pictures Dick's parents and many of his brothers and sisters.*

Here's the portrait of Dick's parents Hannah (Leonard) and Porter Worden.

I think this is his oldest sister Elizabeth Ann (Worden) Peregoy.

Another older sister Sarah Jane (Worden) Peregoy was portrayed with her adopted daughter Attah Faith.

A family portrait of Dick's younger brother John Henry Worden with his wife Lucinda and their two daughters was in the album.

A group portrait that includes Dick's brother George Worden (right) was in Elnora's album also.

Another photograph included in the album shows his sister Polly Ann (Worden) Joslin and her husband Thurston who posed holding Dick's grandson, Elnora's son Herbert Leander Webb.

A portrait of sister Rosetta (Worden) Groves was among the album pages too.

And finally there was his youngest sister Emma Maria (Worden) Kuder shown with her husband Madison and the four oldest of their eventual seven children.

So there were portraits of seven of Dick's nine siblings but there was NO picture of Dick and Delilah. Why?

*All photographs here are from Olive Slater-Kennedy's collection.

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  1. The fourth photo he is holding something, must be an "attribute" -- I suppose its a family bible and not the telephone book. And Groves? You have a Groves? Is it my Groves?

  2. No probably not a telephone directory. As for Grove/Groves, the surname originally was Graf/Grof and the family were Swiss-Germans from Rafz who arrived in Pennsylvania about 1760.