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Family Friday: Teel

Here's a picture of another fifth cousin from the Warren side of my lineage. Mary "Bethel" Teel (1910 - 1942) is the great great granddaughter of Allen Love Warren, one of Robert Warren's sons that Great Uncle Jeremiah didn't exclude from benefiting from his 1831 will.

[Harry A. Scott, Jr. added this to Mary "Bethel" Teel's profile in his tree SIMMONS' OF ALABAMA]

Here's how explains our relationship:

Mary "Bethel" Teel (1910 - 1942)
5th cousin

Alice May Kent (1882 - 1950)
mother of Mary "Bethel" Teel

Rutha A Warren (1859 - 1935)
mother of Alice May Kent

Henry Marion Warren (1834 - 1906)
father of Rutha A Warren

Allen Love Warren (1807 - 1836)
father of Henry Marion Warren

Robert Warren (1783 - 1851)
father of Allen Love Warren

Jesse WARREN Sr (1747 - 1827)
father of Robert Warren

Jesse WARREN Jr (1790 - 1826)
son of Jesse WARREN Sr

Jesse Thomas Simeon WARREN (1825 - 1894)
son of Jesse WARREN Jr

James Chappell "J C" WARREN Sr (1854 - 1924)
son of Jesse Thomas Simeon WARREN

James Chappell WARREN Jr (1897 - 1923)
son of James Chappell "J C" WARREN Sr

Tracy Stuart WARREN (1923 - )
son of James Chappell WARREN Jr

Patricia Ann SLATER
You are the daughter of Tracy Stuart WARREN

She married Julian Evans Ward Sr. (1893-1972) in Russell County, Alabama, on September 9, 1933.

[Amy Koon shared this image on Julian Ward's profile in her DUCKOONS tree on]

[Another photo shared by Harry A. Scott, Jr.]

The couple had four children before Bethel's death on May 18, 1942, in Russell County.

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