Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Drive: St. Hubert on the Move, 2012

During my 2012 visit to France, Bonnie decided that a St. Hubert-style cupboard would look great in her entryway, so the hunt was on. Shortly thereafter we located one at her then-favorite antique shop, La Trocante in Beziers, at a reasonable price--probably because quite a bit of its former (and probably deceased) owner's (very undesirable) stuff was still inside. Fortunately these cupboards can be divided into two pieces so after we dumped the worst of the junk into a nearby poubelle, Bonnie and I managed to cram it into her Opel 4-door hatchback* (and if the cupboard had been any larger we wouldn't have been able to do it). 

We made it to Roquebrun safely, if a bit slowly as Bonnie tried to avoid hitting any obvious bumps.

[Bonnie and St. Hubert on the Rue du Château in Roquebrun]

[Another view of the St. Hubert, just before it was unloaded]

[Kevin assisting Bonnie hauling the St. Hubert downstairs to her house]

Quite possibly the St. Hubert hadn't been cleaned in decades and it was filthy so Bonnie carefully cleaned it before painting the entire thing, inside and out, in her chosen colors.

[Top half of the St. Hubert, original state]

[Top half of the St. Hubert, first coat of new colors]

[[St. Hubert in place in entry]
[All photos from my personal collection]

And she was right--it looks charming there. (But I'll have to see if I have a later view of the piece after Bonnie re-did the floor with a light colored tile that looks like stone and added a crystal chandelier to the ceiling.)

*I'm counting on Bonnie adding the model year.

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  1. The trusty Opel ("Opelie") is a 2000 and still running strong. The St. hubert now has stencilled doors and an honorable place in the new house in provence.