Friday, October 21, 2016

Family Friday: Warren

Continuing my search for distant  cousins who are descended from siblings of Great Uncle Jeremiah Warren, I decided to try looking at the lineage of his nephew Epps Warren (1807-1871)*, the son of Jeremiah's brother Robert Warren (1783-1851). This branch of the stayed in Hancock County, Georgia.

Johnnie Maud Warren (1904-1931) was the great great granddaughter of Epps through his son William Madison Warren's second son Thomas Gresham Warren (1870-1925) which makes her my 4th cousin, once removed. The youngest of five children, she was only two years old when her mother died. She married Roger Dewey Jackson (1902-1998), pictured here with her, in 1923 and the couple moved to Warren County where Johnnie died at 27 along with an infant child, leaving three other children.

[Johnnie Maud Warren Jackson and R Dewey Jackson, about 1925 - Warrenton, Georgia.
From her profile in oak1205's tree.]

*Epps, who Jeremiah didn't want to benefit from his estate, will be getting his own post soon.

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