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52 Ancestors in 54 Weeks: Week 14: Lisbet Samuelsdotter (b. abt 1789), My Fourth Great Grandmother

Note that Sand, Saude, and Suldal parishes are all in the northeastern part of Rogaland county, Norway. Rogaland County. user NishimotoSR, 18 May 2009 Digital image. FamilySearch wiki 

Lisbet* Samuelsdotter, daughter of Samuel Toreson Risvold (1759-1827) and Sissel Torkjelsdotter (1765-1843), was christened on 1 January 1790 in Sand, Rogaland, Norway. She was born about 1789.

In the 1801 Folketelling Elisabet was 10 and living with her parents Samuel Torsen and Sissel Torcelsdatter, and brother Torcel (7), sister Jyri (6), and sister Ragnil (2) in Risvold, Søvde local parish, Saledahl/Suldal parish, Norway.

Unfortunately Norway did not conduct another broad census until 1865.  I don't know when she married Halvor Ingemundsen (b abt 1793).  The first record of a child for them was the birth of Mette Halvorsdatter on 8 December 1819, who was christened in Sand, Rogaland, Norway a week later on 16 December 1819, but tragically she died on the same day she was christened.  I wonder if she was christened as she was dying?  Lisbet was about 30.

Lisbet's next child was son Ingemund Halvorsen, born on 28 January 1821 and christened in Sand, Rogaland, Norway.  Lisbet was about 31.  Lisbet was about 33 when her son Samuel Halvorsen, born 15 April 1823 and christened in Sand, Rogaland, Norway on 11 May 1823.  Lisbet had her daughter, the second Mette Halvorsdotter, my 3rd great grandmother on 17 Oct 1825.  Mette was christened 6 November 1825 in Sand, Rogaland, Norway, when Lisbet was about 35.  According to family story Mette received her smallpox vaccination on 28 October 1827 (Lisbet was about 37).  In the early 1800's all couples in Norway who wished to marry had to have a smallpox vaccination certificate.  I don't know when she got hers, or when her other children were vaccinated, although each child was probably vaccinated as soon as they were 2 years old.

Her last known child was Halvard Halvardsen (or Halvorsen), born on 8 April 1828 and christened on 18 May 1828 in Sand, Rogaland, Norway.  Lisbet was about 38/39.

I have no other record on Lisbet until the 1865 Folketelling, in Rod lille, Saude, Sand, Rogaland, when she was about 76.  She was still married to Halvor, 73, a Føderaadsmand:
When a farmer gives his farm to the next generation, it is (was) usual that he gets an official contract with the next owner (usually his son) specifiying which rights he continues to have at the farm for the rest of his and his wife's life. House to live in, food, firewood, money, help in the house, right to farm some land, etc. Such a contract was called a "føerds contract", and the old farmer is then a føerdsmann". This contract was valid, even if the next owner sold the farm, i.e., the obligations followed the farm. The practice continues today, but modified by the existence of pensions. You can also find other words with the same meaning, e.g. krmann or aftegtsmand (Danish). I.e. you may translate foerdsmann to "retired farmer" but with his "pension" "paid" by the next owner of his farm. 
[info from] Per B. Lilje
 They lived with Østein Samuelsen, 40, born in Suldal, who was a farmer who owned the farm, and his family (his Ingeborg Nilsdatter and daughter Britha Østeinsdatter were both born in Roldal) .  I do not know the nature of Halvor and Lisbet's relationship/kinship to Østein, but since he was also a Samuelsen I wonder if maybe he is a (much younger) brother of Lisbet?  I have to do more research on this.

I do not know when and where she died, but it happened possibly before the 1875 Folketelling, as I can't find her in it.

*Lisbet's name changed from the early spelling of Lisbet, to Lisbeth, to Elisabet in the later record.  I don't know her the "official" spelling of name.

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