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52 Ancestors in 54 Weeks: Week 15: Peder Faltinson (abt 1804-1864), My 3rd Great Grandfather

Fister kyrkje (this is the 1867 replacement of the original building)
I don't have much information about Peder Faltinson* so far except for what I've received from the family:
Peder Fallentinsen, according to Bjarne Sandvik, was from a family who owned their farm in Fister.  However, he fell in love with a woman who was from a 'hussman'--a sharecropper/tenant farmer--a step lower in the class level of society.  Peder F.'s father refused to allow the marriage, so they lived together anyway, and had two children out of wedlock with a third one on the way when Peder F.'s father finally gave in and allowed the marriage.  As a result, Peder F. lost the right to the farm, and himself became a huusman.  Rasmus was one of the 'uaegte' (out of marriage) children, but the bright note is that the reason Peder F. did it was Randi was the most beautiful girl in the area....
Berdines and Fallentin are Ben and Frank Fister, who changed their names when they came over to America.  martha Ovrebo has several photos of Frank, as a boy and his wedding photo, taken in Chicago.  There is also a photo of Berdines and Per, probably taken about 1896, in Stavanger, when he returned with his wife Mary and two of the boys, Roy and Lyle.

He was born about 1804 in Rogaland, Norway, possibly to Faltin Faltinson and Kari Asgautsdottar.  He married Randi Pedersdotter Folsvig (1804-1871) on December 29, 1834 in Fister kyrkje, Fister, Rogaland, when he was about 30  They had at least 8 children, including Rasmus Pederson (my 2nd great grandfather), who was born before they married, when Peder was about 23:
Rasmus Pederson (1827-1876)
Peder Pedersen (1832-?)
Kari Pedersdottar (1837-?)
Karn Serine Pedersdottar (1838-1839)
Valentin Pederson (1840-?)
Kasper Pederson (1843-?)
Karn Serine Pedersdottar (1846-?)
Jonas Pederson (1849-?)

According to family information, Peder Faltinson died in Rogaland on February 8, 1864.

*I am not sure what the "official" spelling of Faltin would be.  It seems to be a version of Valentine, and I've seen Fallentin, Faltin, and Valentin as variations.

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