Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Grandmother on Vacation

Margaret Hartley in Europe somewhere, 1950's/1960's
This picture cracks me up.

My grandmother, Margaret (Fister) Hartley (1912-2000) was always impeccably dressed and groomed, and although her parents Mette Karine and Berdines Rasmussen immigrated from Norway in the 1880's/90's, there was nothing Old World about her.  Check out her red lipstick, painted red nails, and pose.  Hard at work lol!

For the longest time I assumed this picture was taken during her trip to Norway in the mid-1950's, but on closer inspection I think this is more likely in Holland (note the clogs and windmill motifs).

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  1. Given the Bols bottles prominently displayed, it was most likely taken in Amsterdam possibly in 1954 when there is a passenger list of Margaret and George flying back to the US from Stockholm. If you still have access to her passports you can probably find out a more exact date from them.