Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fantastic Find: Denmark's Archives Go Online (Free)

If you have ancestors in Denmark, it's time to brush up on your Danish* because as I just learned via NEHGS Weekly Genealogist's link to the Copenhagen Post from February 20th:

[Danish archives store some 50 million images and over 100 kilometres of shelves with documents that will be added to the digital platform. (Text from Copenhagen Post, Photo: Wikipedia)]
"Denmark's largest digital photo album with nearly two million images will open to the general public today at 4pm.
Danes will have access to the online database at, which includes 1,841,254 documents such as photos, diaries, letters, and sound and video recordings. 
Since the late 1980s, all items from the country's more than 550 archives have been recorded electronically, and today a large portion of them becomes freely available to the public.
 All documents in the digital archive are covered by the general rules of copyright, the oldest of them dates back to the 1600s." 

And 25,000 more photos will be added to the website monthly.

It makes me wish I had Danish ancestors.

*Website is entirely in Danish.

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