Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Shelf: Thee & Me: A Beginner's Guide to Early Quaker Records

If, like me, you have Quaker ancestors, Lisa Parry Arnold has produced a very useful guide* to help understand the history of their faith, the values they espoused, and how to decipher the records they kept, many of which have survived.**

In her introduction, Parry Arnold quotes from the Guide to the Records of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting:
"Quaker Meeting records illustrate the belief and practices of a religious community, the Society of Friends, which formed in England in the 1650s and endured through a common pattern of 'silent' worship. In the service for worship, men and women gathered to share their experienced of the Inward Light and to seek guidance in their search for a spiritually sensitive and ethically demanding pattern of life. Friends remained an influential people who shared in governing Pennsylvania until the Revolution. They pioneered the Native American rights movements after 1755, created the anti-slavery crusade, and played significant roles in the temperance and women's rights movements."
This book is a great resource and I recommend it highly.

*Available through Amazon .com both as a print and kindle book.
**Chapter 14 provides a case study on how to use Quaker records that are now available on

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