Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fantastic Find: Magna Carta

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As the 800th anniversary of the signing of the original charter by King John on June 15, 1215 approaches later this year, the Magna Carta has been getting even more attention than usual, including a U.S.visit by one of the earliest versions of an original document last year.

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The recent discovery in Sandwich of a damaged original of the 1300 version issued by King Edward I* has been in the news lately, delighting scholars and opening the possibility that there are more of these documents still to be found. The History Blog has an excellent post about it here.

In case your medieval Latin is a bit rusty, the legal firm of Linklaters has provided us with a Magna Carta Viewer that allows you to examine the document in detail and in translation.

*Succeeding English kings typically issued their own verions of the Charter.

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