Sunday, February 22, 2015

Small World: The Cornwall Iron Ore Mines

It was a challenge to find a coal mining image from about 1810, but this is probably close to how it might have looked.  from

My 5th great grandfather, Jeremiah Burnight (1779-1837), on my father's side, was known to have worked in mining in "Lebanon, Pennsylvania" in the very early 1800's/1810's.  A preliminary look at where Lebanon was reveals that it was likely Steitztown that became Lebanon, and was the location of the Cornwall Iron Furnace, a self-contained iron plantation.  I have not been able to determine what exact mining area Jeremiah was working at if not at this mine.  The strange thing is, one of my 7th great grand uncles on my mother's side, Peter Grubb, my 8th great grandfather John Grubb's youngest son, founded that mine in 1742.

Small world!

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