Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eurogenes K13 for My Parents: Admixture vs Phased Admixture

Mom's phased Eurogenes K13
Mom's regular Eurogenes K13

Since there are so many ways to cut, slice, and dice DNA results on GEDmatch, I thought I'd start with phasing, which allows you to estimate what a parent's ethnicity would be estimated at, given your own DNA and your other parent's DNA.  

I'm mostly interested in how much of a difference there is.  I'm not seeing any wild variation between using someone's DNA vs estimating what their estimate would be.  It's funny, because they are all estimates, really.

Dad's regular Eurogenes K13
Dad's phased Eurogenes K13

I'm a mix of my parents, of course:
My own Eurogenes K13

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