Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where in New Jersey did Jeremiah Burnight Arrive about 1800?

The family story has it that Jeremiah Burnight came from the highlands of Scotland, first arriving in New Jersey in 1799/1800, and then moving on to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where he met his wife, Phoebe Worrell/Worrall, who he married in 1802.

I have not yet found his immigration or passenger information.  I have found a Methodist family of Burnights/Burnites in New Jersey, beginning at least as early as the 1793 Tax List index entry for David Burnight, of Lower Maurice River in Cumberland.
Are they related to my Jeremiah Burnight?

When I did a Google search on Lower Maurice, Cumberland, New Jersey, I came across this very interesting tidbit about the history of the area:
The Cumberland Pond we see today is a remnant of a major industrial facility called Cumberland Iron Furnace. There had been a smaller-scale "bloomery forge" in the area since around 1785. Eagle Glass Works in Port Elizabeth was established in 1799. In 1810, Eli Budd created the power for his new complex - Cumberland Iron Furnace - by damming the Manumuskin, creating a pond twice larger than at present. Ore was brought to the furnace by wagon overland from Schooner Landing on the Menantico. 

I believe that after Jeremiah married he moved west to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and worked for an undetermined number of years at the Cornwall Iron Furnace.  Am I seeing a pattern here?  Did Jeremiah work at the Cumberland Iron Furnace?  I don't know yet.

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