Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Drive: Curreys and Salazars

In these photos taken in 1926, the Curreys have joined the Salazar family* at their ranch on Campo Road (now California State Route 94) in San Diego's east county. Unfortunately I don't recognize any of the Salazars but Bernice (wearing the big sombrero) and Junior are standing together next to Delbert and Ethel (Plank) Currey and I believe that their daughter Marguerite is the young girl in a white dress holding her hat in front of her. (Harold, of course, is the one taking the picture.)

[From a Currey family photo album in my personal collection]

For many years, whenever we drove out Campo Road, Dad would point out the Salazar's ranch house to me. If memory serves, I think it was in Potrero, nicely sited on a south-facing slope.

*Laura Salazar married Louis Rusconi and I know the Rusconis were still living in Encanto when I was growing up, so perhaps this is the connection.

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