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Throwback Thursday: The Hartley House

The Hartley House in San Diego, California, corner of 4th and Nutmeg on 2720 Fourth Ave, probably in the early 1940's. from my personal collection
My paternal great grandparents, George Henry Hartley and Minnie Nosler, ran the Hartley House for a few years from 1935-1943, as mentioned in her obituary:

Saturday, January 11, 1969, San Diego Union (San Diego, CA), p 34,

Some of the groups who used the Hartley House facilities included a large array of local social groups (a sample of mentions in the San Diego Union follow, searching GenealogyBank):

Nov 1940

  • Catholic Boy Scouts attended the annual diocesan Scout meeting 
  • American Legion San Diego Post 6 Women's Veterans' luncheon (there was a dance later in honor of Armistice Day in the War Memorial Building, including several combat divisions and a large navy group)

Dec 1940

  • Lioness Club meeting for "holiday entertainment and inexpensive gifts" as well as an officers' election

Feb 1941

  • Mt. Hermon-Northfield club (Mt. Hermon school for boys alumni) annual dinner 
  • Author Judy Van der Veer was speaker for the San Diego Writers club luncheon meeting 

Apr 1941

  • Mr. and Mrs. Will G. Cook, who split their living between San Diego in the winter and a lake home near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, were sent off by a group of their Unitarian church friends before they drove off 

May 1941

  • Tau Eta Gamma had a Mother's Day Dinner 

Jun 1941

  • Last supper of the year for the Literature department of the Ocean Beach Women's club

Nov 1941

  • Members of the San Diego Speakers club gave 5-6 minute talks at a meeting 

Dec 1941

  • A luncheon for the Woman's auxiliary to the San Diego County Dental society 

Jan 1942

  • 60 delegates from 15 chapters of the Federation of State Societies held annual session and election 
  • Speakers for the California Business Educators' associaton on the education needs of county, city, and federal civil service 

Mar 1942

  • A "Dutch lunch" for the book review section of the San Diego Women's Club

Apr 1942

  • Retirement party for an employee Mrs Lutie J. Stoppleman of the San Diego county auditor's office (likely a co-worker of George) 
  • "Life in Samoa" lecture from Mrs. J.E. Sanner, who had lived in Samoa 2 years, at the San Diego Business and Professional Women's club dinner 

May 1942

  • Gamma Xi sorority held a Mother's Day luncheon 
  • San Diego County Chaplains association, Order of Eastern Star luncheon

Aug 1942

  • Round Table Group listened to Mrs. Robert Harris, who gave "glimpses of high spiritual aims and atmosphere pervading" camps at Idyllwild and Oxford University

Oct 1942

  • Luncheon of the Ladies auxiliary, Painting and Decorating Employers association 

Nov 1942

  • The president of the California Educators' association of San Diego county presided over a meeting that included a discussion, "Wartime TRaining for Commercial Position," by a US employment official, Miss Ruth Kenoffel 

Newspaper ad for a waitress
(Thursday, November 12, 1942, San Diego Union (San Diego, CA), p 23,

Jan 1943

  • Katherine E. Corbett, San Diego State college faculty, lectured the Writer's Club about "Trends in Children's Literature." 
  • Dinner for the San Diego branch of the California Fraternal Congress

Feb 1943

  • Monthly luncheon and board meeting of the San Diego P.E.O. Reciprocity bureau 

Mar 1943

  • Luncheon, discussion "Problems of Young Women in Industry," as well as a short musical for the San Diego Alumnae chapter of Alpha Phi International sorority 
  • Lecture by Ben Rogers on "Bolivian, the Roof Garden of South America" for the San Diego Speaker's club 

Jun 1943

  • Clothing donation drive campaign center for the "hard-pressed Russians" with a goal of 60,000 lbs (the donations were only up to 14,000 lbs as of Jun 16), run by a daughter of the US ambassador to Russia.  Donations could be left at "Shell, Standard or Associated gasoline stations," or at the Hartley House  

Going out of business: newspaper ad for selling restaurant equipment
(Monday, July 26, 1943, San Diego Union (San Diego, CA) p 16,
The Hartley House had to close due to WWII food rationing.

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