Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's the Same, What is Different? My Dad's DNA Ethnicity Estimates



Eurogenes K13

Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15

Eurogenes K9

Eurogenes JTest

Dodecad World9

Dodecad V3
Dad is northern European, mostly Scandinavian and British Isles.

FTDNA estimates about 6% Ashkenazi Jewish, a result I don't think I'm seeing in the other ethnicity estimates.  FTDNA centers that population in Poland.  The only known Polish ancestor I have is Solomon Joseph Hartley, who I thought was probably of Dutch Mennonite extraction, but who knows, maybe he was also Jewish?  Solomon Joseph is not unheard of in English/Anglo naming, but it seems much more prevalent in Jewish names.  Just something to think about.  I've discussed Solomon in the past here, here, and here.

All the tests that include Native American as a possible group have my dad with some small (~1%) amount.  The most overt NA I've seen is in his World9 Oracle:

East Greenland?  But why?  We have neither story or paper trail evidence of this.  I seem to be in the same confusion boat as the decidedly Dutch genealogist and blogger Yvette Hoitink, as she wrote in her post "My Native American DNA. Say what?"  Or as The Legal Genealogist blogger Judy Russell's say: "Admixture: not soup yet."

I used Evernote for the screenshots.

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