Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DNA.LAND Results In!

DNA.LAND just began, so I think it likely there will be more features and more matches, but as of this writing they had 7107 genomes upload.  You upload your DNA file from AncestryDNA, 23 and Me, or FamilyTreeDNA, then DNA.LAND in turn gives you relative matches (if you have any) and their ethnicity estimate.

Since this is an American database, and my mom has much deeper American colonial ancestry, she has always had about twice as many DNA matches as my father, whose maternal lines are all from Scandinavia. As expected, my mom has the first matches, to what is likely a man and his mother (or possibly aunt), based on the names and email given (which I've blanked out):

Mom's matches so far.

A detailed look at the right side shows recent and ancient shared segments.  At this point you can't click on any of the chart for more information, including the exact location of the matches, but again, this is a brand-new site:

ETA: the [Show/Hide Table] DOES show where the matches are, my mistake!

Dad doesn't have any relative matches yet.

DNA.LAND is using Dr. Joe Pickrell's Ancestry program for the ethnicity estimates.  According to the FAQs on DNA.LAND:
Ancestry detection is an experimental feature and we are currently working to improve it, including a feedback page so that users can provide input to help us improve the algorithm.

I will show the ethnicity estimates for my parents using results from AncestryDNA, Eurogenes K13 on GEDmatch (I think a good standard test for people of mostly or all European ancestry), FamilyTreeDNA, and DNA.LAND.

Mom's AncestryDNA estimate

Mom's Eurogenes K13 (from GEDmatch)

Mom's FamilyTreeDNA estimate

Mom's DNA.LAND ethnicity estimate.  This is way less specific than the others.
My mom's ethnicity estimates typically include quite a bit of Iberian, which surprised me at first but makes sense since she has some known French ancestors in Virginia.  She also tends to have Caucasus area indicators.  Otherwise she is mostly English/Scottish/Irish with some German, so even the simple DNA.LAND estimate is reasonable.

My dad is half Scandinavian, and about 1/4 English and 1/4 German (according to his paper trail).  He has had some surprises in his estimates--either about 1% Native American (AncestryDNA and Eurogenes K13) or about 6% Ashkenazi Jewish (FamilyTreeDNA and DNA.LAND).  Like Superman and Clark Kent, those two ethnicities never show up together in one test.  I cannot account for either of these ethnicities in his paper trail, so I am curious what his 1.22% other is in DNA.LAND.

I'm guessing that it is likely South Asian, as DNA.LAND seems similar to FamilyTreeDNA.

Dad's AncestryDNA
Dad's Eurogenes K13

Dad's FamilyTreeDNA estimate

Dad's DNA.LAND estimate

So far so good for a new site.  I look forward to what DNA.LAND will turn into.

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