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Monday Is for Mothers: Susanah* Mrs Johnson (About 1655 - About 1718)

We know almost nothing about this paternal eighth great grandmother but when she made her will on August 13, 1717,  she was living in Chowan Precinct in Albermarle County, North Carolina, and had survived her husband William by five years.

[A new & accurate map of the provinces of North & South Carolina, Georgia &c. Drawn from the late surveys and regulated by astronl. observatns. By Eman. Bowen. (London: Printed for William Innys, Richard Ware, Aaron Ward, J. and P. Knapton, John Clarke, T. Longman and T. Shewell, Thomas Osborne, Henry Whitridge ... M.DCC.XLVII). David Rumsey Historical Map Collection]

[Detail of above map showing the location of Chowan]

The first information we found about Susanah's will was through an abstract, but fortunately the North Carolina State Archives has an image of her will which I have transcribed below.

[Abstract of North Carolina Wills [1663-1760] [database on-line].]

[Johnson, Susanah, 1718. Office of Secretary of State: Call Number: SS 839 - SS 861
MARS Id: (Folder). North Carolina State Archives]

In the name of God Amen
I Susanah Johnson of the precinct of Chowan In the Collony
of North Carolina Semtress: Being Infirm in body: Butt of
a perfect health of Mind and memory: Prayse be therefore given
to Almighty God - - - -
I do make and ordaine This my last Will and Testament, In
manor and form as followeth - - - -
First I commend my soule Into the hands of Almighty God -
hoping through the merritts and death and passion of my Saviour
Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my
Sins: And to Inherit Everlasting life - - - -
And my body I committ to the Earth to be decently Interred
At the Descretion of my Executrix hereafter named - - - -
And as touching the Dispossall of all Such Temperiall Estates as
itt hath pleased Almightly God to bestow upon me I give and dispose
As followeth - - - -
First I will all my Just debts And funeral Charges be paid and disch-
arged -
Item   I give unto my son William Johnson one Shilling
Item   I give and bequeath unto my grandson Jacob parrott one two year
          heifer - - - -
Item   I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Susanah parrott one two year
          old heifer and one small deale box
Item   I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Elizabeth Parrott one two year
          old heifer and one popalar box
Item   I give and bequeath unto my beloved friend Mr John Hardy one gold
          ring of Twenty Shillings Value
Item   I give unto my godson Edward Frederick Rasor one two year old heifer
Item   I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Frances Rasor all this my
          my plantation where I now dwell containing Six hundred and forty acers
          unto her the said Frances Rasor And her disposall for Ever
Item   I give and bequeath unto my said daughter frances Rasor all my other
          Potales[?] both personall and reall
Item   I give and bequeath unto my son William Johnson one hundred acers of land
          upon the upper line of my said tract and plantation And two cows & calves
          and two sows and piggs and one deale chest This last Legacy to my son William
          is wholly depending In consideration of the said William coming with his
          wife and children and settling upon the said one hundred acers of land within one
          year after the proving this will, otherwise this Legacy is no ways Intended or given
Lastly  I appoint my beloved daughter Frances Rasor sole Executrix of this my last
             will and testament Utterly Revoking and disanolling all wills heretofore
             by me made. In witness hereof I have hereunto my hand and fixed ring
             seale this 13 of August Anno:Dom 1717
                                         Susanah Johnson
Signed and Sealed
In presence of -
Laurence Sarson
E_____ Z_____ Can?
Patrick Canadas
William Waters"
It's clear than daughter Frances** is Susanah's favorite; I wonder if William moved his family so he could claim his legacy?

Note: Deal is another name for pine wood; poplar is another kind of wood.

*Although some sources claim that her maiden name is Monteigne, I don't know where that comes from.
**Granddaughter Elizabeth Parrott, who was about 15 when Susanah died, married Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy, the grandson of "my beloved friend John Hardy" and their great great granddaughter Martha Heath Hardy married my great great grandfather Jesse Thomas Simeon Warren in Macon County, Alabama in 1849.

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  1. "Susannah, wife of William Johnson, is said to have been born a Monteigne or Monteigue. This is primarily based on the transportation record of William Hancock where he states that he transported a group of people who included: William Johnson, Susannah Johnson, William Johnson, Jr., Frances Johnson, Isreal Johnson, Roger Monteigne, and Susannah Monteigne."
    I found the above info in 2013 from some notes someone was doing on the pair (from: (link is no longer accessible)) Looks like I need to find the transport record, if possible.