Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ethnicity Estimates on Family Tree DNA Between Me and My Parents

These estimates are about right for my known Northern European ancestry, but the Middle Eastern seems high (my paper trail shows no evidence of a Middle Eastern great-great grandparent).  It must be a result of the competing Middle Eastern and Central Asian signals my parents seem to have.

My mom has a bit less Middle Eastern, and has Mediterranean/Southern European where I am do not.  I am assuming this is likely coming from her  French ancestors in Virginia.

My dad has an unexpected Ashkenazi reading, as well as some Central Asia.  Not sure where this is coming from, although my experience using GEDmatch ethnicity tests makes me think he has some signals coming from the Georgia/Azerbaijan region, which is midway between Ashkenazi/Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

The surprise in these estimates are the Middle Eastern/Central Asian signals.  As interesting as my dad's Ashkenazi ancestry would be, I'm not convinced this is real, at least at that amount.  A very helpful user who makes a point of analyzing Jewish DNA on GEDmatch helped analyze my dad's ethnicity estimates, comparing my dad's DNA with others using the one-to-many matches and triangulation, and concluded no solid evidence for Ashkenazi ancestry (although there my be some distant Ashkenazi, but not to warrant the equivalent of a great-great-grandparent).

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