Thursday, March 31, 2016

Robert Paul and Sarah Davies Marry

Robert Paul and Sarah Davies are my ancestors through my father's father, George Hartley Jr.

I have not yet figured out the parentage of Robert Paul (1774-1831?) and Sarah Davies (1780-1856), but I did just recently find out their marriage record.

Since the family story was that they were Quakers of English origin, I was surprised to find they married in the German-language St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Germantown, Philadelphia!

I wonder if they spoke German?

They were married on Sunday, April 29, 1798 by Pfarrer Schäfer (Pastor Schäfer), most likely Frederick David Schaeffer (1760-1836).  Robert and Sara were both single from Plymouth Township, Montgomery County ("beide ledig aus Plymouth Townships, Montgomery County").

More here and here on St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Germantown.

This may indicate they were members of this church, and maybe their parents or relatives were as well.  No wonder I wasn't finding Robert and Sarah in the Quaker record.

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